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Park Bark and Fly 5 Star Yelp Review

Park, Bark And Fly
Last updated 7 years ago

I travel a LOT, and am almost always delayed getting to the airport which would be a problem- but so far Park Bark & Fly has saved me every time. Typically if you park long-term at the airport itself, you have to drive in a hundred or so circles around the terminal, drive another 60 miles, find the hidden forest, and insert the ancient Incan gemstone into the book of tombs to get to the parking. Once you get there, you have to drive another several days to get to the back of the lot, where you're inevitably parking because I think all the airport employees use the front spots. After all THAT, you drag your luggage to the nearest waiting port for a few marathons or so, and wait for the shuttle to begin the reverse commute to the actual airport. Note: None of that was a dramatization- it all actually happened. So on one of my last I'm running late-stuck in traffic- the dog ate my homework- delayed meeting at the office jaunts to the airport, I figured to give one of the off-site satellite parking lots a shot. Enter Park Bark N Fly. This lot used to also be a pet boarding facility, but some disagreement between neighbors, loud canine companions, and the facility owners have reduced the 'Bark' part of the equation so you're just parking and flying. Name's still the same, though. Though you typically have to drive a bit of a way to get to an open parking spot, it's totally worth it. The shuttle pulls right up to your car, and the driver helps you with your luggage and gives you a card with the specific spot your car is parked in, not just a letter that represents 1/4 of the city's total parking space. The commute from PBNF to the terminals takes less time then the commute from the airport satellite lots (trust me, I've timed it). Another bonus- on two occasions when I've almost missed my flight, the shuttle driver DID pass go and (probably to his dismay) only collected \$2 to take me straight to the airport without waiting for additional passengers. They also remained at my car when my flight got in at night to make sure I was safe, luggage loaded, and on my way; the alternative was dumping me in a large parking lot with 30 suitcases to hike through cars with no security. Yes, I'm bitter about that OIA. If you're looking for cheap, close parking and can't afford the garage on site, DEFINITELY use Park & Bark. They rock!
Dina R.


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