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Preparing Your RV for Storage

Last updated 7 years ago

Your RV is a major investment that needs proper care even when you’re not out enjoying the road.  You can avoid costly damage by simply taking a few steps to prepare for long-term RV parking.  Consider the following tips for RV storage, whether you’re leaving your RV conveniently at Orlando airport parking location Park Bark and Fly for a couple of weeks or putting it away for the season:

1.      Check tire pressure and fill the tires to the manufacturer’s recommendations.

2.      Close and lower all blinds and shades in the RV to protect from sun damage.  If your RV’s windshield doesn’t have a built-in cover, then you need to use a sun shield.  This step is especially important for summer storage

3.      Clean the interior of the RV.  Vacuum the carpets and remove all the food.  Even a few crumbs can attract insects and animals. 

4.      Remove all food from the refrigerator and freezer and unplug unit to thaw.  Once thawed, give the refrigerator and freezer a wipe down.  Leave the doors to the refrigerator and freezer open.

5.      For long-term RV parking, give your RV a good wash before storing it.  This will remove any dirt or other material that can do damage to the paint of your RV over time.

6.      While you’re washing the RV, be sure to run water along window and roof seals.  Then, check these areas from the inside of your RV for leaks.  You don’t want to find out about a leak only after storing your RV over a season of damaging rain. 

7.      For winter RV storage, remove as much water from the plumbing system as possible. 

8.      Detach the gas tank and add a fuel stabilizer product with a full tank of gas.  You may also want to change the oil in your RV.

9.      Detach the battery from the RV and unplug everything inside the RV.

10.  Finally, park it in a safe and convenient spot and throw the cover over the exterior part of the air conditioner.

For convenient parking and storage for your RV in Orlando, Florida, try Park, Bark, and Fly.  We’re located conveniently by the Orlando airport and offer your RV the best 24-hour protection it can have. Contact Park Bark and Fly at (407) 855-5899 for more information.


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